Footprints ‘n More, Inc. began in 1996 in my garage. My business began to grow through word of mouth and the high quality and satisfaction of my customers. I offered unique, one of a kind, designs and allowed people to tell me what they wanted, rather than just offer boilerplate or cookie cutter designs. I have over 27 colors and, by request, will add a beautiful pearlescent shine to make them even more special. The impression should be the focal point of the print, not just fluff. Keep it simple and elegant, that’s our motto.

I chose the name “Footprints” after rereading the familiar Footprints poem one day. All my life I have lived by that poem so it suited my business as well. I want to give glory to God through the work I create each and every day and through the lives I touch with the gift of my business. I am leaving a legacy of footprints behind me for each and every customer I am fortunate enough to imprint.

So that’s it. A little home based business that grew because of customers like you who liked my work and rewarded me by returning with each of their children and by referring their friends and buying gift certificates.

Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you. Thank you for having the confidence in my abilities to work with your precious children and to watch them grow every time you’ve come to see me. I will continue that tradition and promise not to disappoint. Welcome also to all my new and prospective customers. Having two children of my own I understand the importance of having it done right the first time. Like you, I am a customer. I won’t treat you any differently than I would want to be treated. I promise you.


Sarah Martin
Footprints ‘n More