Welcome to the world of Footprints ‘n More and for taking the time to inquire about our business. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you do handprints, not just footprints?
Can we take photos or video during our session?
What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, checks or credit cards?
Do you do custom ceramic designs?
Do you do engraving and/or stamping?
Is my gift certificate still valid?
Do you offer shipping?
How long does it take to get our prints back?
Will my handprint shrink?
What days and hours are you open?
Can I bring my family to the appointment?
Do I need to make an appointment to get a print done?
Is this print like a home foot print kit that you can do yourself?
How is your product/process different from DIY hand print kits?
I have a paper foot/hand print that I would like to replicate. Do you do that?
Can I display my print on a stand?

Our store policy:  Your business is very important to us because without you, our valued customer, and the constructive feedback you have given us over the past 20 years, we would not have stayed in business this long.  Customer service is more than just about the sale.  It is about every aspect of our dealings with you: before, during and after the time we provide our services and take your hard earned money.  If you are happy with us you will proudly display our artwork in your home.  Others may inquire as to where you had it done and you will tell them of your experience with us and hopefully send them our way.  So, you see, it behooves us to ensure the quality not only of the product, but of your entire experience with Footprints ‘n More.  No customer should leave Footprints ‘n More without feeling completely satisfied with their purchase.  Please don’t let that happen.  I will only be able to fix problems if I am made aware of them.  If you go away unhappy and don’t tell me why, how can I fix your problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again?  Our policy is very simple, no refunds, redos only.  That means we will redo the piece if it is wrong. Unfortunately, your baby will grow during the time it takes to make the original piece so our goal is to always do it right the first time.  We can never go back in time and get back the tiny size.  Children grow so fast!  This is an irreplaceable heirloom that becomes more and more valuable as time goes by and your children will grow.  Remember, it’s not just for today, it’s forever!!!